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January 2016 Archives

What assets are often overlooked in property division?

Divorce can really make you feel as though you're in a whirlwind. You and your soon-to-be ex have been fighting over children, child support, spousal support and property division. You may just feel as though you're ready for the whole thing to be over, so you're ready to agree to whatever property division is proposed. Unfortunately, your ex hopes you will forget about several assets that should be divided.

Child support orders aren't only suggestions

Providing for a child is an expensive endeavor. If you and the child's other parent aren't in a relationship any longer, you might find that making ends meet is tight. That is where child support payments come into the picture. When you have an order for child support, you should be able to count on that money to help you provide for your child. Sadly, some parents don't pay the child support that the court ordered. In that case, we can help you to fight for the financial support that you need for your child.

Florida State University coach reportedly keeping home in divorce

Less than five months after Jimbo Fisher, Florida State University's football coach, filed for divorce from his wife Candi, a final agreement between the two was reached. The divorce was finalized last month. That's a relatively fast resolution for a high-asset divorce, especially for a couple married as long as the Fishers -- 22 years -- and who are the parents of two young children. According to the divorce petition, the couple separated last May.

Financial hijinks in divorce lead to major child support award

When we discuss topics related to high asset divorces, we usually cover issues relevant to alimony or property division. While these issues can crop up in any divorce, they can be especially complex and large-scale when one or more individuals in a divorce owns high-value assets. A recent news story about the divorce between a fitness model and Florida businessman reminds us that child support can also be an issue in high asset divorces.