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February 2016 Archives

Consider all options in child custody cases

For some parents, the thought of having to go through a child custody battle is akin to having their heart ripped out. This is because many parents only want what is best for their child, which they usually believe means that everything in the child's life will be done according to the parent's wishes. When a child custody case comes up, parents usually come to the realization that the child's other parent also has a say in what happens.

Florida bill could bring changes to alimony

Alimony and spousal support are some of the most adversarial issues you may face during your divorce. While many people understand the need for child support, having to pay your ex-spouse money is not as easy to swallow. While under the current Florida laws, permanent alimony is an option, this could be changing soon.

Who gets custody?

The question of which parent will be awarded custody after a divorce is never a simple one. Each case is individual and has its own unique set of circumstances that can influence whether sole or joint custody is awarded and who the custodial parent is. Understanding the factors that go into this decision is an important step in preparing for custody negotiations or a trial.Despite what is often portrayed in the media and news reports, many divorcing couples today are able to work together to come up with a custody agreement and visitation schedule. In these situations, joint custody arrangements are most common, although one parent may be designated the residential parent for school purposes. Even in cases where one parent is awarded sole custody, the parents have a great deal of leeway to work out a lenient visitation agreement rather than relying on the state's default schedule.

Pros and cons of keeping your married name after divorce

Changing your name back to your maiden name after a divorce is a surprisingly controversial subject with those on both sides having strong feelings on the matter. It's asked as part of almost every divorce settlement where one or both party changed their last names after the marriage. In the end, this is a personal choice, but there are some pros and cons to be aware of as you make this decision.