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May 2016 Archives

Study finds that high levels of family conflict impact children

As parents, we often worry about how our decisions will affect our children both over the long term and in the moment. This is often at the forefront of parents' minds who are going through a divorce. There is usually much debate and conflicting feelings leading up to a divorce if you have children.

Divorce is hard on everyone involved

Divorce is a difficult journey for the people who are divorcing. When there are children involved, the children can also feel the stress of the divorce. In that case, the parents should try to minimize the stress that is put on the children. One way to do this is to try to get everything resolved as amicably and swiftly as possible so that the children can learn how to move on with the new way of life.

Do child care costs impact child support?

Many factors go into the calculation of child support payments. The state of Florida uses the income of both parents as the main basis for deciding how much a child support order should be, but there are also other considerations. Additional sources of income, such as self-employment monies, annual or performance bonuses, and rental income may affect how much the child support amounts to.

communication is key when planning a vacation

There are many things that go into planning a vacation. For parents who have children with an ex, one of the things that must occur is getting the vacation schedule ironed out in accordance with the child custody agreement. How you go about handling this process is often governed by your child custody agreement.