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September 2016 Archives

Focus on your child and not your emotions

As we discussed last week, your child must be the focus of the child custody agreement. When you are coming up with the agreement, you have to think about what is best for your child. Once the agreement is made, you have to try to make the transition from parent to parent as easy as you can for your child.

Don't make joint custody arrangements a nightmare for your child

Having joint custody of your child can either be a journey that is enjoyable or one that is a nightmare. If you want it to be enjoyable, you and your ex will each have to do your part to make sure that you keep conflict at bay. The biggest thing that you have to do is to remember that you and your ex aren't the focus of the joint custody. Your child is the focus and that should always be at the heart of every matter.

Marital property in Florida is divided based on what is equitable

The assets that you acquired during your marriage have to be divided when you get a divorce. Florida is one of the states in the country that doesn't deal with the community property concept in which assets and liabilities are divided evenly. Instead, the court in Florida will look at what is fair when dividing property.

What is the purpose of alimony?

In the previous blog post, we discussed how alimony can affect your taxes. For people who are going through a divorce, alimony is sometimes a consideration but it isn't guaranteed. There are certain points that are considered when the court is determining if alimony is appropriate.

How does alimony affect taxes?

When you are getting a divorce, the question of alimony might come up. If this is the case with your divorce, you should understand some points about alimony and how it affects your taxes. This can be an important consideration during the negotiations if you are going through mediation.