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December 2017 Archives

Know what to consider when dividing assets in a divorce

We've recently focused on the children who are impacted by divorce. The children aren't the only ones who are impacted by divorces. For the couple who is calling it quits, there are some very important decisions that must be made. We know that this is a difficult time for you. We are here to help walk you through the things that you need to decide in this process.

Think carefully before you reply to messages about your children

The communication standards that you set for your relationship with your ex are something that is very important. When you have a child together, you need to have a sort of professional standard of communication. While this can be difficult if you are going through a contentious issue, you should try to keep things civil.

Child support payments can greatly help your children

Child support is something that many parents think of as a duty. The truth of the matter here is that you should view child support payments as a way to help support your children -- a privilege of sorts. This mode of thinking might not be popular, but it is a bit more positive than the dread most people choose to focus on when they think of child support.

Most parents don't spend child support frivolously

A lot of questions come up when you are thinking about child support. One question that people paying the support usually ask is where the money is going. Some people falsely think that custodial parents are frivolous with child support money. This is usually very far from the truth.