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March 2018 Archives

Making your parenting style work for your child after divorce

Many different things that occur in a divorce can have a direct impact on the rest of your life. One area that you have to be very careful about what you do is with the children. You have to find the balance between consistency with your old parenting style and exercising your new solo parenting style.

Marital debts are split during the divorce

The debts that are incurred during your marriage must be split up during a divorce, just the same as the assets that you gained. All of this is done through the property division process. You should make sure that you think carefully about the settlement you agree to because it can seriously impact your future.

Help your children when you go through a divorce

Your children look to you as a role model. This doesn't change just because you are divorcing their other parent. In fact, in these cases, children can learn a great deal about being an adult and having compassion. Even though this is a stressful time, you can help your children to learn how to work through challenges.

Shared parenting takes work on the part of the adults

Shared parenting is often rewarding for the children, but it is sometimes difficult for the parents. Making an effort to make the situation as easy as possible can help you as you work on helping your children thrive as they grow. One thing that makes this situation a bit challenging is that you have to work closely with your ex.

You should consider these alimony points in your case

Alimony payments are the bane of some people's existence. It is easy to see why. Most people don't want to have to support an ex after the divorce. Still, these spousal support payments do provide a necessary safety net for some individuals. Think about this -- it wouldn't really be appropriate to expect a housewife of 30 years to suddenly find a job that will support her.