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June 2018 Archives

Many factors impact alimony orders in a divorce

Some divorces are simple and straightforward. This isn't the case for others. One of the areas that might make the divorce a bit more challenging than others is the need for alimony. Not all divorces qualify for spousal support, so determining how to handle it when there is a need for this component can be tricky.

Domestic violence may impact child custody cases

There are many things that can impact a child custody case. One of these is the presence of domestic violence accusations in the case. When this is the case, there are many different things that might happen. In some situations, the parent who is facing the accusations will only have supervised visits with the children. This can be difficult, but the court must consider the best interests of the children.

Child support and custody can work together for the child's good

Every aspect of parenting is hard enough under the best of circumstances. When you add in child custody matters, you might find that they are even more troublesome. We understand that you just want to find the solutions to the matters that are proving to be more challenging as you work with your ex on the custody terms.

Child support is often comingled with other household funds

Child support payments are meant to cover the expenses related to raising a child. This doesn't mean that the money is always going to go to the child. In face, there is often not a firm accounting of where child support goes since one parent receives the money from the other parent. This often makes understanding where the payments go a difficult concept.

Know the expenses that come with assets, as well as the value

A high asset divorce often involves having to divide up assets that are complex and intertwined. In these cases, you need to make sure that you are considering the facts and looking at how various scenarios can help or harm you. One mistake that many people make is trying to walk away with the biggest assets. Even though it might seem like having things like the marital home or vacation home might be preferable, these can sometimes lead to headaches down the road.