Many factors impact alimony orders in a divorce

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Some divorces are simple and straightforward. This isn’t the case for others. One of the areas that might make the divorce a bit more challenging than others is the need for alimony. Not all divorces qualify for spousal support, so determining how to handle it when there is a need for this component can be tricky.

The court will look at various points of the marriage and circumstances when it is trying to determine what to do with an alimony petition. The length of your marriage will be factored into the decision. The ability of the proposed recipient spouse to support himself or herself will matter. The marital standard of living and the ability of the proposed payer to support the other party and himself or herself are also considered.

When it is determined that alimony is appropriate, the payment frequency and amount have to be decided. The length of time the payments will be made also has to be figured out. In some cases, alimony is short term since it is only intended to help the recipient get on his or her feet.

The cases that involve lengthy alimony orders are usually for longer marriages. In these instances, there is a good chance that the order will include information about when the payments can stop. One of these is usually if the recipient gets married again or if he or she has a significant other living with him or her.

Paying parties should make sure they fully understand the order so that they don’t accidentally fail to comply with it. Not making payments as required can lead to more legal trouble.

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