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August 2013 Archives

Changes to alimony law are being considered

Florida residents who have been stuck with lifetime alimony may be seeing some relief in the future. There has been a move away from lifetime spousal support due to the burden it places on the person responsible for paying. Alimony itself is not under fire so much as the issues it creates for individuals who are saddled with payments for the rest of their lives regardless of their financial situation.

Grandma seeks child support from alleged killer father

After a man was recently accused of killing his wife with cyanide, the maternal grandmother of his child is seeking child support from him. The grandmother received custody of the child during the first week of August and has filed a petition for child support with the court that gave her custody of her grandchild. Custodial parents in Fort Lauderdale may file similar motions for child support with Florida courts.

Alimony reformers to try again in 2014

Florida's governor vetoed this year's attempt to change alimony laws in the state, but another push to eliminate lifetime alimony and the way that it's awarded is expected to begin again in 2014. The issue of alimony is a hotly contested one, and many people feel that lifetime spousal support is an unfair burden for those who have to pay it. According to some of those who support changing alimony laws, courts often refuse to make changes to alimony requirements, forcing individuals into bankruptcy and insolvency.

Planning for the best outcome in a divorce

When someone is going through a divorce in Florida, they might focus on child custody, the division of assets or property distribution. Most states have laws that divide assets equitably, not in half, which means that women could end up short-changed. According to Huffington Post, couples can take steps to prepare for a complex asset divorce.

Avoiding common mistakes in divorce

Divorces can be very messy. Emotions may be high, and people often act out of anger. Making matters worse, Florida laws governing the division of marital property are particularly complicated. Navigating through the process can be a significant challenge, and people often makes mistakes along the way.