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August 2014 Archives

Florida couple celebrates divorce with selfie

For some people, going through a divorce is a nightmare. For others, going through a divorce is a positive experience that results in a celebration. Some time ago, divorce parties made the news. Now, a Florida couple has introduced us to a new phenomenon in divorces -- the divorce selfie. You read that right. People are now taking pictures to celebrate the legal end to their marriage.

What factors affect child custody in Florida?

For someone going through a child custody case in Florida, finding out what the court considers as part of the award process might be something you have thought about. These factors have a big impact on what the judge decides is going to be the final child custody order.

Same-sex relationship ends, woman granted visitation with son

The times are changing when it comes to child custody agreements and other issues that have been plaguing some families going through divorce proceedings. A recent case ruled upon by the Florida Supreme Court could soon serve as the springboard for same-sex couples undergoing child custody and visitation proceedings.

Judge writes 16-page ruling in Florida same-sex divorce case

When the desire to live apart becomes stronger than the desire to live together, most couples simply file for a divorce. That is easy enough for some couples in Florida, but for other couples the situation turns into a much more complex case because of Florida laws. A recent case in Broward County included a judge's ruling that the state's ban on recognizing same-sex marriages performed in states that allow them violates the United States Constitution.

Types of alimony possible in a divorce settlement in Florida

Alimony is one of the considerations of divorce that some people are curious about. There are some people who find the thought of getting money every month from their ex-spouse alluring. Before any person heads to court for a divorce, they should know some of the basics regarding alimony in Florida.