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January 2015 Archives

Tax implications can affect how you handle alimony

Last week, we discussed some of the factors that are considered in Florida when it comes to alimony cases. While many people might think that alimony payments are great for the person receiving and not so great for the person paying, that isn't always the case. There are some specific tax considerations for you to think about if you are in the midst of a case involving alimony.

What should I know about alimony orders in Florida?

For people who are going through a divorce in Florida, the question of alimony might come up at some point. There are some very specific points about alimony that might interest some of our readers. These points can determine if alimony is suitable for a case and what the terms of the alimony should be.

Loss of income might mean getting a child support modification

Those of you who read our post last week know that we discussed the role of the hearing officer in some family law cases. We briefly touched on how the hearing officer can determine the suitability of a child support modification request. Some of our Florida readers might not have realized that it is sometimes possible to have a child support order modified if there are significant changes to a parent's income; however, that is sometimes possible.

How are support modifications and other cases heard in Texas?

In Florida, when you are going through child support and child custody issues, you might find yourself going before a hearing officer. These court-appointed people have a special role in the family law system in the state. There are several types of cases that these officers can hear. Knowing about these various types of cases might help you to be better prepared if the time comes for you to stand before one of these hearing officers.

How can my ex and I work together on child custody issues?

There are various things that make life in the military challenging. One of those things is having to deal with an ex and children. While child custody is important, working through the logistics of it all can be difficult when you are in the military. There are some ways that you and your ex can work to get along to make life a lot easier for your child. Our Florida readers might like to learn about some tips.