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May 2015 Archives

Judge gives dad of child in circumcision case temporary custody

Many of our readers have probably been following the story of the mother who fled Florida to stop her son from being circumcised. The mother had initially agreed to the circumcision as part of a parenting agreement. However, she later changed her mind.

What happens to your retirement account when you get a divorce?

Getting a divorce often means that there will be property division taking place. If you are part of the growing population of older adults getting a divorce, you may have more at stake than property and a bank account or two. What happens to your retirement account when you get a divorce?

What should I know about lump sum alimony payments?

We discussed some of the points that are used to determine alimony last week. If alimony is part of your divorce case, there are some points you should consider if there is the option of the alimony being awarded as a monthly payment or a lump sum payment.

The complex process of determining alimony payments

Determining child support payments can certainly be complex, but there are mathematical formulas in place that help out. When it comes to alimony, nothing like that exists, so the whole thing can be far more confusing and difficult. It's very important to know how this works and how much alimony should be fairly paid.

Taking preteen to concert wasn't bad parenting rules judge

Mother-daughter outings are a great way for mothers and daughters to bond. As the daughter grows up, the nature of the outings changes. Even with the changes, those outings are still important. One mother's outing with her daughter led her to court.