Judge gives dad of child in circumcision case temporary custody

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Many of our readers have probably been following the story of the mother who fled Florida to stop her son from being circumcised. The mother had initially agreed to the circumcision as part of a parenting agreement. However, she later changed her mind.

Despite the woman’s protests about the procedure, the court opted to uphold the parenting agreement and issued an order for the boy to be circumcised. Instead of abiding by the order, the woman fled. She has since returned to Florida and is now facing serious criminal charges.

The woman signed the consent for the circumcision after spending a week in jail. She remains incarcerated on charges of interference with child custody, which is a felony. The judge has given the boy’s father temporary custody of the boy, which means that the father can make the decisions about medical care, living arrangements and education.

While the 4-year-old boy’s father has taken custody of him, the judge took the time to urge the parents to learn how to work together. He noted that they both will have to parent the child. He also advised them against taking the law into their own hands.

The judge’s words to these parents may ring true for many Florida parents who are involved in child custody matters. Parents should work together for the sake of the child. When they are unable to do so, it might be necessary to seek help from the courts. In any case, the orders of the court must be followed. Failing to do so can mean facing criminal charges.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Mom signs consent for son’s circumcision to get out of jail — but now faces new criminal charge,” Marc Freeman, May. 22, 2015

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