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December 2016 Archives

Finding balance is crucial in a high-asset divorce

We recently discussed how divorce mediation might help some people who are going through a divorce. This is a method that can help you to work through problems and get your divorce finished in a faster and more cost-effective manner. We did mention that it isn't for everyone, so you have to think carefully about it before you make your choice.

Decide which divorce option is right for your case

There are two options that you have when you are going through a divorce. The first of these is litigation. The second is mediation. These are very different processes that you have to consider carefully. What is right for you might not be the option that is right for someone else.

Modifications might be possible in child support cases

Child support orders must be taken seriously. As we discussed in our previous blog, you can pay more child support than you owe. However, it is crucial that the court-ordered child support payments are made on time so that you can avoid having to get into legal trouble.

Can you get in trouble for paying excess child support?

You know that you have to pay child support in accordance with the court order that was handed down at the time of your divorce. It's critical to follow this order to the letter, paying the right amount and paying it on time. Failing to do so can lead to a whole host of issues, possibly including jail time and wage garnishment.

Make child custody exchange pleasant for your child

When you and your ex have to pick up or drop off your child, things can be tense. It is important for you to remember that your child is the most important consideration during these meetings. Ideally, you and your ex should be civil with each other so that your child can stay relaxed and calm.