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Modifications might be possible in child support cases

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Child Support

Child support orders must be taken seriously. As we discussed in our previous blog, you can pay more child support than you owe. However, it is crucial that the court-ordered child support payments are made on time so that you can avoid having to get into legal trouble.

We know that things don’t always work out how they should. After all, if things always worked out, you would probably still be with your child’s other parent and have a loving home with your child and your ex. Things change and people change, so child custody and support might come into the picture.

When life’s circumstances change, it is possible to seek a modification from the court so that you can have a child support order modified. Here’s the key to doing this — you need to act quickly. Ideally, you will seek the modification before you fall behind in payments. Child support modifications typically can’t do away with back child support that is owed from before you filed for the modification.

We know that you probably want to be as supportive as you can for your child. It isn’t always possible to make more money appear to support the child. When the money isn’t there, you might feel bad. Don’t let feeling bad about not having the money land you in jail. Instead, try to get the modification so that you can move along with your life without the back child support following you around. You don’t want your child to have to visit you in jail, so take steps to prevent that today.