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November 2019 Archives

Changing child support is possible under some circumstances

Child support is a serious responsibility that enables a parent to ensure they are financially providing for their children. The court orders this based on a host of factors, including the parents' incomes, the time the children spend with each one and other similar points. Once the court issues the order, the parents must comply with it.

Take care of yourself to care for your kids

When you are going through a divorce, your natural inclination is to protect your children and give them what they need. You might not realize it at the time, but they need you to take care of yourself so that you are able to care for them. This isn't always easy for a newly single parent, but it is possible if you take things one point at a time.

Tips for reducing the stress you feel during a divorce

Going through a divorce means that you have to make major life decisions during a very stressful time in your life. It is imperative that you mentally prepare for this so that you don't end up making choices that you regret. If you are in this spot, make sure that you carefully consider each option that you have, so you can do what you feel is in your best interests.

Try to alleviate your child's fears during your divorce

The process of going through a divorce brings up a lot of uncertainty for children. Helping them to put their fears to rest is one of the most important duties you have as a parent during this difficult transition. As you work to do this, you might find that you have to approach the situation from a variety of areas.

Equitable distribution takes specific points into account

One thing that surprises many people who are going through a divorce in Florida is that the division of property isn't handled based on what's equal. Instead, this state uses the concept of equitable distribution. In the simplest of terms, this means that things are divided based on what's fair, even if that doesn't mean that it is exactly equal.