Changing child support is possible under some circumstances

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Child support is a serious responsibility that enables a parent to ensure they are financially providing for their children. The court orders this based on a host of factors, including the parents’ incomes, the time the children spend with each one and other similar points. Once the court issues the order, the parents must comply with it.

There are instances in which the paying parent might not be able to keep up with the payments. This is sometimes the case when they lose their job or are demoted. If this happens to you, taking swift action might help you avoid having a major legal issue to handle.

When you know that you won’t be able to make child support payments as ordered, you need to petition the court for a modification. This asks the court to change the order to one that you can comply with. You can’t file the modification petition unless you have a valid reason for asking for it.

You should try your best to keep up with the payments even if it is difficult. Arrears of child support can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. The court typically can’t reduce or forgive these amounts retroactively. This is why it is best to seek the modification as soon as possible because the date of the petition is what is going to matter.

It is always best to get your questions about child support answered quickly so that you can ensure you are doing what the court ordered. Your children are counting on you for financial support so they can have life’s necessities.

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