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December 2014 Archives

Child custody and time sharing of an infant might be challenging

When parents get divorced, a determination needed on how to handle child custody can often be difficult to find. When the child is an infant, things can get even more complicated. Our readers in Florida might be interested in learning how child custody cases can be affected by some of the parenting choices that are made.

Florida divorce with no children and property division agreement

When married couples are ready to call it quits, they might want to go about the divorce in the fastest manner possible. For some Florida residents, a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage might be the answer they are seeking. There are some very specific points to consider in regard to this type of divorce because not everyone will qualify for it.

Troubling circumstances surround Scott Stapp's divorce

When people have been married for more than a few years and have children together, some people might assume that the marriage is strong and will continue to last. A quick glance at our blog lets you know that isn't always the case. Some marriages have lasted several years or even decades before the spouses decide to call it quits. The recent announcement of Scott Stapp's wife filing for divorce is one such case.

Factors affecting child custody cases in Florida

Parents who are going through a divorce have to deal with the realities of child custody. Having to have a judge determine where your child will live and who can make decisions for your child can be difficult. When you embark upon the child custody journey, it is important for you to understand some of the basics of child custody in Florida.