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August 2018 Archives

Alimony can repay you for your marital sacrifices

Getting a routine down after a divorce can be challenging. One thing that you might find takes on a new level of importance is becoming financially stable. If you spent your married years caring for the house or the children, you might realize that it is going to be hard to enter the workforce again.

These signs signal a healthy parenting relationship

A healthy co-parenting relationship is a good thing to have after a divorce. Even when things are difficult between you and your ex, having this type of situation going on for the child custody matter can be beneficial for the children. There are a few signs that you can look for to find out if the situation is heading in the right direction.

Property division can be a complex matter

One of the difficult aspects of divorcing is having to go through the property division process. Not only do you have to find and account for all assets, you must do the same for debts. Once you know what must be divided, you need to figure out the arrangement. This is often done through a collaborative process.

Find out how divorce will impact your financial stability

It is easy to think of divorce as a bad thing because it is the end of your relationship. What many people don't realize is that you can turn this end into a good beginning. One important thing for you to do is to ensure that you are financially ready for your new life. Climbing out of a financial slump might not be as easy as you might want it to be, but it will be worth the effort in the future.

Child support is critical for the children

Parents who aren't in a relationship with their child's mother or father might have to pay child support. It is easy to think of this money as going to the other parent; however, it is actually going to the child. Since children are minors, it is impossible to pay the money directly to them so the custodial parent accepts it.