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March 2017 Archives

Think about your child's best interests in child custody matters

Your child custody and support orders are serious documents that you must be sure to understand. We recently discussed the importance of this. When there is something that you don't fully understand, you must get clarification of it right away so that you can be sure you don't do anything that goes against it.

Be sure to follow child custody and visitation orders

Child custody orders are meant to be followed. They aren't merely suggestions that the court makes. Instead, each parent is expected to uphold their end of the agreement so that the child has some stability. There are some cases when a parent decides that the child custody order isn't worth following. Those parents might have to face the court for custody or visitation interference.

Don't let the cost of keeping assets drown you

We previously discussed how drug abuse can impact child custody cases. If you recall, this point can have a huge impact on what happens with every aspect of the divorce settlement. Child custody and property division are two areas in which drug abuse might have the biggest impact. We know that you might have some questions about your case, even if drugs aren't a factor in the case.

Drug abuse can impact child custody and property division

Drug abuse in a marriage is a horrible thing to have to deal with. When that marriage is ending and drug abuse is an issue, that drug abuse can have an impact on the terms of the divorce. Whether you are the person who has a drug problem or if you are the other spouse, you should consider these points when considering the effects of the drugs on the divorce.

Summer travel plans require thought when custody is an issue

Taking a trip over the summer months is one way that you can enjoy the warmer weather and explore somewhere different. If you head up north, you might even find a break from the Florida heat and humidity. If you have children and aren't in a relationship with your child's other parent, you may need to start planning right now so that you can address any issues that might come up.