Be sure to follow child custody and visitation orders

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Child custody orders are meant to be followed. They aren’t merely suggestions that the court makes. Instead, each parent is expected to uphold their end of the agreement so that the child has some stability. There are some cases when a parent decides that the child custody order isn’t worth following. Those parents might have to face the court for custody or visitation interference.

Child custody and visitation interference occur when a parent decides to keep the child away from the other parent. While the parent might have a seemingly valid reason for doing so, many instances of interference are due to the parent trying to be vengeful.

You have to think carefully about anything that has to do with child custody, especially if you are trying to get things to change. One of the things that you can’t do is withhold child support in an effort to get your child more or keep your child away from your ex because he or she isn’t paying child support.

When there is an issue with child custody, you must turn to the court for help with resolving the issues. This is especially true if you and your ex just can’t come up with a mutual agreement. Until you are able to head to court, you should try your best to follow the custody orders.

Of course, if you are worried about your child’s safety, you might be able to go against the order. This would occur if your ex is on drugs or has been drinking. In those cases, find out what options you have to protect your child while remaining in compliance with the child custody order.

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