Filmmaker Michael Moore divorcing after 21 years

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Floridians may be interested to hear that after 21 years of marriage, acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore has filed for divorce from his wife Kathleen Glynn. A complaint filed at the Antrim County Court has revealed that the high-profile couple had already been living apart for some time. The complaint also stated that there is “no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.” The two own a home together in Traverse City, Michigan, and have no children.

Moore is most well known for his highly successful documentary films, many of which Glynn produced. The 2004 film Fahrenheit 9/11, which raised questions about Bush’s presidential win in Florida, grossed almost 120 million dollars. After seven films that earned an average of 26 million dollars each, Moore is reported to be worth 50 million dollars. With so much money at stake, Moore and Glynn will have a lot to work out in this complex asset divorce.

The complaint filed by Moore will temporarily limit both parties from selling or transferring any of their shared assets. Moore and Glynn reportedly own real estate, stocks, bonds and limited liability companies together. In addition, the two hold highly valuable pieces of art and household furniture. Because divorces generally take several months to become finalized, a temporary protection of assets is very common.

Without a prenuptial agreement, a high asset divorce such as Moore’s can become very complicated. If there is a dispute from either party over the division of assets, numerous court hearings may become necessary. Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer would be in the best interest of both parties in this case. To ensure that their client receives a fair share of the marriage assets, a divorce lawyer will fight any dispute over asset division.

Source: USA Today, “Michael Moore ends 21-year marriage“, Ann Oldenburg, July 19, 2013

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