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George Zimmerman asks court to decide debt and property division

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2014 | Property Division

When you are going through a divorce, the last thing you need is other circumstances adding more stress to the already stressful divorce. For the now famous — or infamous — George Zimmerman, dealing with his divorce while he was incarcerated on a domestic violence charge has caused him some trouble. That charge has now been dropped.

Zimmerman has filed a countersuit to a default judgment for his wife. He is asking that the judge throw out that judgment. He claims that divorce papers he was served with while he was in jail on domestic violence charges against an ex-girlfriend were lost. He says that he was unable to respond until now.

His wife filed for divorce in September. In his countersuit to the divorce, he is asking that he and his wife share all debts incurred while they were married. He is also asking that the court decide on the division of marital property.

The Zimmerman divorce shows the importance of paying attention to all documents you receive during a divorce. It also shows that you have to ensure you understand what each document means. If you have any trouble understanding the meaning of the documents, you might not be able to fully understand your rights.

Seeking the advice of a Florida divorce attorney might help you to understand how to petition the court for property division, as well as debt division, in a way that keeps you protected. Being awarded a fair divorce settlement might help you secure your financial future as you embark upon a new journey as a single person.

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