Dads are taking issue with child custody arrangements in Florida

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In the past, it was widely accepted that fathers would be relegated only to every-other-weekend visits with their children. Those days, however, are moving well into the past. Dads nowadays want to be part of their children’s lives. They want to be there for more than just a few days per month. For fathers in Florida, divorce reform is something they are actively crying out for.

One father reminds people that a child’s best interest is usually known the parents, not by the judge or attorneys. This father says that his child support agreement allows him to only see his children on the every-other-weekend schedule that is archaic. He also says that his child support order is invalid because it calls for monthly payments that are more than what he makes.

Divorce settlements, child support orders, child custody arrangements and alimony payments are all considerations for people who are ending a marriage. Some of these considerations were almost overhauled last year, but the bill was ultimately killed. The National Organization for Women supported the bill kill because the bill did away with permanent alimony.

The father who is speaking out against the status quo of these issues joined the “Fatherless Day” movement in an effort to draw national awareness to equal child sharing time for fathers. He says that the legislature and Governor Scott have let him down.

Ensuring that the children of divorce are properly cared for after the divorce is vital for all parents. It is important for parents who are going through a divorce to understand the options they have regarding child custody agreements, so they can make sure the child custody agreement puts the child’s interests before anything else.

Source: News 4 Jax, “Divorced dads disagree with state family court system” Matt Galka, Jun. 13, 2014

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