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Alimony payments can be difficult to determine

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2016 | Alimony

In our previous blog post, we discussed how some people might consider lump sum alimony payments instead of regularly occurring payments. There are many benefits and considerations for both types of alimony that you should think about if this is a factor in your divorce. We know that you might have some questions. We can help you get the answers to those questions.

Not all divorces involve alimony, but it is an often an area that is contentious when it is a factor. We can help you to determine if your divorce qualifies for alimony payments and what alimony payments might apply. This varies greatly depending on the circumstances of the marriage.

In some cases, alimony payments are covered under a prenuptial agreement. This would make the battle over alimony fairly easy as long as the prenuptial agreement was executed in a legal manner. When there isn’t a prenuptial agreement, the issue of alimony can sometimes be difficult to determine.

Whether you are the spouse who is seeking alimony or the one who might have to pay for the spousal support, we can help you to explore each option that you have. When there are disagreements about how much should be paid or how often the payments need to be made, we can help you learn what Florida laws apply so that you can learn what can occur.

It is sometimes possible for spousal support to be decided through mediation. In other cases, the court will have to decide. In either case, we can prepare what is necessary to show your side at the proceeding.