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Parenting time arrangements should consider the child’s emotions

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Child Custody

When you’re going through a divorce, it’s easy to focus on the practical aspects of the split since these can have a tangible impact on your new life. Even though you might not realize that it’s an issue, you need to be sure that you’re watching your child’s emotional health during the process.

The child custody arrangements you have with your ex can directly impact the children. The legal custody arrangement can do this since it has to do with decisions that are made for the child. The physical custody might be the bigger issue that you have to contend with.

Physical custody means who has the child at any given point. This is what might affect the children more than you realize. Some parents assume that kids will just get used to moving back and forth between homes. This might not be the case. Some children might have trouble adjusting to the differences between the homes.

Parents can reduce the difficulty that the children have by working as a team to keep major rules and schedule components consistent between both homes. This reduces the changes they have to go through when they switch houses.

As you’re dealing with the physical custody of the children, try not to focus too much on having an exactly even share of time with your kids. Instead, place the emphasis on spending quality time with them. This can help you if there are times when they need to be with the other parent instead of with you.

The parenting plan is the roadmap for your child custody agreement. Make sure you understand it so you can follow it. Still, remember that it might be necessary to veer off the plan in some cases. Try to work with your ex when situations like that arise.