Toxic ex? Prepare for a contentious divorce

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One challenge that comes with a divorce is having to divide the assets and debts. For some couples, this process is easy, but that’s not the case in a contentious divorce. When you’re splitting up from someone who is toxic, you will find that they battle you on every decision.

In this case, you might not be able to count on working out a settlement through mediation. Instead, you’ll have to ask a judge to set the terms of the divorce. While this takes some of the power away from you, it also takes it away from your ex. This can work in your favor because you’ll have someone who is nonpartial working to divide things. Your ex won’t be able to try to manipulate you into giving them their way.

Because you’ll have to go through a divorce trial, you must work closely with your lawyer to prepare your case. It must be based on the laws that apply to the case. Try not to have to rush this process, which means you’ll have to get started as soon as possible.

Once the court rules on the matter, you’ll know exactly what you’re walking away with. The court will also take care of matters like child custody, child support and alimony. These orders will be very specific so that there isn’t room for misinterpretation.

Unfortunately, this type of divorce is likely going to take longer than one in which both parties can work together. Preparing for this is beneficial because it means it will take longer for you to be able to fully focus on building your new life.

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