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Florida, like the vast majority of states in this country, requires that property division in divorce be based on what’s equitable, not what’s equal. For some individuals, this is a bit confusing, but your attorney might make it a bit easier to understand. Your lawyer can tell you the options you have based on the specific circumstances so you know what to expect.

Ideally, property division matters can be handled without the court’s involvement. While divorce trials were commonplace in decades past, mediation and other similar methods have become the norm now. This means that you and your ex will have a chance to negotiate who gets what.

As you go through the property that needs to be split, don’t look at only the bigger items. Think about things like the living room furniture and the kitchen appliances. Some of these might not be worth fighting over but they can help to balance things during the split.

You’ll also have to divide the marital debts. These can also help make the property division more equitable. Just make sure that you don’t get saddled with all the debts. In some cases, it’s better to sell off assets to pay for the marital debts so both parties start with a fresh slate. This takes away the worry over your ex not paying their share and your having to deal with the consequences.

Your family law attorney can help you review any settlement offers from a practical standpoint. This can help you to ensure you get a settlement that’s in your best interests.

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