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Fighting for custody as a Florida father

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Child Custody

As a father, you may feel that you have a disadvantage when it comes to getting custody of your child. You may find it difficult to show that you and the child have a strong bond that should be maintained, especially if you did not have the chance to spend time with your child in the first months or years of their life.

If you want to have custody rights and help bring up your child but you fear that there will be obstacles in the way, it is important that you simply start the process so that you can begin to make progress. The following is an overview of some things you should know if you are fighting for custody as a father in Florida.

Joint custody is an option

The battle for custody does not mean that one party will win and the other will lose. Instead of fighting against your ex for full custody, you may want to try to come to a compromise and share custody with them.

The best interests of the child are always considered

If you can show that your child’s life will benefit from you being a part of it, the courts will likely grant you custody or visitation rights.

The child’s own wishes are considered

If the child is considered to be mature enough, their own wishes will be considered by the child custody courts.

As a father, you should do what you can to be in your child’s life. The courts will grant you visitation or custody as long as you do not pose a risk to your child. Make sure that you take action now for a positive future.