What should high-asset divorces be treated differently?

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All divorces are different. The ease with which you are able to go through a divorce will depend on a number of factors, including how much you can trust your former spouse and how well you can get along with them. Another significant factor is the extent of the marital assets that need to be divided, as well as the income of each spouse.

If you consider yourself to be a high-asset individual or in a high-asset marriage, the large quanity of property involved in your split will complicate the divorce process to some degree. It also means that there is more at stake during the split. That’s why those in a high-asset marriage who are considering filing for divorce should take early action to form a divorce strategy. The following are some reasons why high-asset divorces should be treated differently.

Uncovering hidden assets can be challenging

Due to the vast amount of marital assets owned, the process of identifying them can be huge. It’s vital that you ensure all assets are identified and that your spouse is not trying to hide assets for their own benefit.

Alimony is likely to be high

The lesser-earning spouse is likely to be entitled to a high sum in alimony payments. Therefore there is much more at stake in these negotiations.

You may want to make your divorce private

High-asset couples are likely to draw more attention when they divorce. Therefore, you may want to take steps to make your divorce private.

If you are going through a divorce as a high-asset couple, make sure that you are choosing the right strategy for the best possible outcome.

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