Factors used to determine child custody in Florida

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There are many parents in the Fort Lauderdale area who are no longer with their child’s other birth parent. In situations where parents had a tumultuous breakup putting the past aside and focusing on the best interests of their child can be difficult. When parents are going through a child custody hearing it can be helpful to know how the courts may decide child custody.

Child custody factors in Florida

A Florida judge will generally consider many factors when awarding custody to a parent. A judge can get involved in the child custody process if parents cannot agree. Factors that a judge may consider include:

  • job security of each parent
  • which parent can provide the most stable home environment
  • which parent will be the best at allowing the other parent to have frequent visits with the children
  • whether one parent is gone a lot for their job
  • ability of each parent to provide for the child
  • moral fitness of each parent
  • parenting tasks typically complete by each parent
  • what each parent knows about their children’s schedule, friends, teachers, etc.
  • evidence of domestic violence or child abuse

How legal guidance helps in child custody matters

A legal professional who is skilled in Florida child custody can help a parent understand how parental custody works in Florida and how the courts may have to decide child custody. An attorney can help a parent work through any custody disputes and reach an agreement with the other parent if possible. If the child custody decisions need to be made by the court, they can represent their client and their best interest. Child custody issues can be complicated in Florida but having a legal professional to help with custody disputes can be helpful.

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