Who pays child support in Florida?

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Child support is an important and necessary piece of many Florida divorce proceedings. It provides children whose parents have gone through divorce with the financial resources necessary to keep them healthy, safe, and thriving. In Florida, all parents are expected to contribute to the financial welfare of their children when the parents’ marriages end.

Florida follows the income shares model of child support, which will be discussed in this post. Any readers who have questions about child support or its enforcement can direct their inquiries to their trusted family law attorneys. Although this post provides important information about child support, it should not be read as legal advice or guidance.

Incomes shares model of child support

The income shares model of child support is focused on the idea that a child should receive the same amount of support from each of their parents after divorce as they would have received had their parents stayed together. In the income shares model, each parent must provide information about all forms of their income, including wages, salaries, dividends, and other sources of positive income. Based on the money each parent makes, a balance of child support can be worked out from those figures.

Ensuring the payment of child support

Child support should never be used as a weapon between parents. If a parent fails to abide by the terms of their child support agreement or order, the custodial parent or parent who is making up the difference financially for their child may have options to enforce the existing child support plan. A knowledgeable family law lawyer can help a parent in this difficult situation understand their enforcement rights and options.

Whether married or divorced, Florida must parents provide their children with their necessities, and other educational, medical, social, and entertainment-based expenses. Child support agreements and orders are important legal tools. It is in the best interests of children for their parents to follow and respect the terms of child support orders.


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