Creating an effective parent time-sharing plan in Florida

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Child custody can be one of the most painful and complicated aspects of a divorce. With child custody, it is not just about which parent the child lives with. The control that a parent has over the important decisions (including healthcare and other decisions) for the child is vital.

Child custody and parenting time-share plans

In Florida, if divorcing parents are not able to reach a decision regarding custody details, a family court will make a decision for them by determining what is in the best interests of the child. The decision will include who has custody, exact visitation details, and under which circumstances the parent or parents have custody or visitation of the child.

In most cases, the court will deem that both parents share custody of the child. However, if one of the parents can determine that it would be destructive to the child for one of those parents to have time-sharing rights, the court’s decision will most likely be different.

The child custody laws in Florida can be complicated, so it is sensible to get the support and advice of a knowledgeable child custody lawyer who can ensure that the best interests of the child are put first.

Creating an effective parent time-sharing plan

A parent time-sharing plan will include many important aspects of child custody. Some of the points covered in the plan are:

  • Shared parental responsibility and decision making
  • Everyday decisions for the child
  • Parental agreement on extracurricular activities
  • Shared medical and educational information concerning the child
  • Agreement on the time-sharing schedule for the child (including holidays, weekends, school breaks)
  • Education
  • Communication between the parents concerning the child
  • Childcare

Once the parents sign the plan, they will submit it to the court and the court will adopt it so that it becomes a legal, official document.

A parent time-sharing plan can benefit everyone

Even if two adults are not able to be together, they are responsible for being the best possible parents for their child. A parent time-sharing plan is a roadmap that can help to ensure that the child is getting what they need to live a happy, fulfilled life.

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