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Planning and preparing for a marriage is a major life event. As such, going through a divorce and navigating life following the dissolution of a union is also a momentous event in life. For some spouses, ensuring they have the finances to support their lifestyle after divorce is a vital divorce decision. Thus, requesting alimony may be the proper step to take. While this can be a very contentious and complex divorce matter, it is one that can be resolved with favorable results for those involved.

Alimony laws in Florida

When it comes to calculating the amount of alimony a spouse is entitled to, there is no mathematical formula to follow. Therefore, various factors of the marriage are used to calculate the proper amount to award a spouse. At the Law Offices of Mark Abzug, our attorneys strive to meet the best interests of our clients. This means understanding what they want while also ensuring they are rightfully awarded what the law entitles them to.

Different types of alimony

With regards to the types of alimony awarded in a Florida divorce, they fall in one of three categories. The first is rehabilitative. This form of alimony has a set period of time and amount that is paid. This may be awarded if one spouse needs to obtain education or skills to become self-supporting. During this period, alimony would continue until the recipient spouse has completed their education or skill attainment and is employed.

The second type is permanent alimony. This is typically awarded when the divorcing spouses were in a long-term marriage. The state of Florida considers this to be more than 17 years. In contrast, less than 7 years is considered a short-term marriage and would not result in permanent alimony. For those married for 7 to 17 years may be able to obtain permanent alimony, depending on the circumstances surrounding the marriage. Finally, the third type is bridge-the-gap alimony. This is designed to help during the transition period from being married to being single.

Factors that impact alimony

Our attorneys take the time to look at the common factors that are looked at during requests for alimony. This includes the standard of living during the marriage, length of marriage, earning capacity of each spouse, the contributions each party provided during the marriage, responsibilities each has with minor children, tax implications, all sources of income and other factors that could aid in an equitable alimony award.


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