Planning summer vacations with the kids after divorce

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Vacations can be a great way for families to spend quality time together and make some memories to last a lifetime. With summer just around the corner, many parents are starting to plan their family vacations for when the kids are out of school. If you and your child’s other parent are going through a divorce, or have already divorced, it is important that any vacation you take is addressed in your parenting plan.

Vacation time is included in parenting plans

Just about any Florida divorce involving children will involve a parenting plan. Your parenting plan will specify how you and your ex will share time with the children throughout the year.

When divorced parents want to take their child on vacation during the summer, conflict may arise if the vacation interferes with the other parent’s time with the child. Generally, however, parenting plans address this issue by giving each parent a couple of weeks of vacation time per year. That way, each parent gets uninterrupted time with the child and will not have to seek approval from the other parent for trips taken during that time.

How can I vacation with the kids without fighting with my ex?

Even when vacation time is specified in the parenting plan, parents can still end up fighting if the parent going on vacation with the child fails to keep the other parent in the loop. Here are a few ways to avoid conflict if you are planning a vacation with your child this summer.

  • Notify the other parent of the trip as soon as possible. If your parenting plan specifies that you need to let them know at least 30 days in advance, make sure you adhere to that.
  • Be cooperative. If the other parent has an important event scheduled for the same time as your vacation, try to reschedule, if possible. Keep in mind that is in your child’s best interest to maintain a strong relationship with both you and your ex.
  • Provide an itinerary and contact information. Your child’s other parent should know where your child will be throughout the trip and how to contact them in an emergency.
  • Keep in touch. Schedule time for your child to contact their other parent during the trip.

Scheduling vacations with the kids can be a source of conflict for many newly separated parents with child custody issues. However, your attorney can ensure that your plan addresses the issues you may face so that when the time comes, you can enjoy your trip without worry.

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