Parenting plans and the minimum requirements for court approval

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All aspects of a Florida divorce can be challenging. From property division to alimony to matters related to children, the situation will inevitably be emotionally draining and worrisome. A common topic for dispute centers around children, custody and parenting time.

Florida has even changed the terminology, preferring to call it “time-sharing” instead of custody, parenting time, visitation and other frequently used terms. Knowing how the law handles these circumstances is essential to achieving a positive result.

What does the court need to see to approve a parenting plan?

When there is a parenting plan, the court will want to ensure the parents meet all its requirements under the law before approving it. The parents must provide sufficient detail as to how they will share the daily necessities of raising a child. They must also provide a schedule that will dictate where the child will be and when. For example, during the school year, the child might be staying with one parent during the week and the other on weekends. They will need to determine who has the child and for how long during school breaks and holidays.

Delineating responsibility is essential. The agreement must say how he parents will make health care decisions and whether one or both parties must agree to them. It also considers schooling. One parent might want the child to go to a specific type of school while the other does not. This must be negotiated before the agreement is approved. The court wants to see other matters factored in as well, such as how a parent will communicate with the child when they are with the other parent.

Professional help can be vital with adhering to legal requirements in family law

The basis of the determination will be the best interests of the child. The court wants both parents to have a role in the child’s life and development, but if there is danger such as past abuse or negligence, this will be important. Sharing a child and coordinating all the responsibilities can be difficult even in the best of circumstances.

When there is a family law case and the sides might not be on the best of terms, it is made even more complex. Even if the parents are on reasonably good terms, complications will likely arise. To be fully protected and properly care for the child, it is useful to have assistance with the law. For this or any family law issue, calling for help can provide information with every part of the case.


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