How will you handle your child support issues in court?

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Child support disputes are the types of situations that oftentimes end up in courtroom litigation simply because these issues can be so contentious and the parents involved cannot agree. If you are facing a child support dispute in a Florida court, how will you handle it?

Address the issues

Although strong emotions are common enough in family law cases, those who can focus on the legal issues and getting them resolved may be better off than those who want to fight “tooth and nail” over issues like child support. After all, family law courts in Florida have guidelines that typically point the way toward the inevitable end-point of the child support issues, although there are always exceptions. Instead of focusing on the details and the back-and-forth of arguments, try to focus on the issues, and work toward ways to resolve them.

For example, obtaining a child support order from the family law court in the first place is the first step. Paternity of the child must be established, and then the income of both parents will be analyzed – as will the expenses for the child or children involved in the case.

Next, whichever parent is ordered to pay child support will need to make sure the court’s order is followed. If it is not, the receiving parent may have options for enforcing the court’s order to obtain the support that is owed. And then, in some situations, child support orders need to be modified. This can be a complicated process, and there must be a significantly good reason for the modification.


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