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3 things to know about co-parenting virtual visitation

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2023 | Child Custody

Co-parenting when you don’t reside near your children can be a complex undertaking. Fortunately, advances in technology make it easier to stay in touch than it was in the past.

Parents can use a host of options for virtual visitations, including texting and video chats to stay in contact with their children. This opens up many possibilities for what they can do with their children when there is physical distance between them.

It can bridge the gap between in-person parenting time

In-person parenting time is critical for parents and children, but virtual visits can bridge the gap between physical placements. These visits can involve just about anything the children and parent want to do. The parent can help with homework or read their child a book. They might watch a movie together or play games.

Communication time must be respected

Virtual parenting time must be respected by the parent who has the children with them. The communication between the long-distance parent and the children should be free of distractions, and it should generally be unmonitored by the present parent.

Times should be based on the child’s schedule

When parents and children live in different time zones, the virtual visits should be based on the child’s schedule. This could mean the parents has to get up in the middle of the night or make other sacrifices, but they shouldn’t expect the child to reciprocate those sacrifices.

Parenting plans must be constructed based on what’s best for the children. Getting a plan together as quickly as possible can help to provide everyone involved with the chance to acclimate to a new way of life, including a virtual visitation schedule. Seeking legal guidance promptly after a split, therefore, is generally a wise course of action.