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Child Support Archives

Serious consequences come with a refusal to pay child support

Paying child support that is ordered by the court isn't optional. If you are told to pay up, you must do this according to the order. If you don't, you will likely face some stiff penalties. Child support enforcement efforts are made in the best interests in the child because the child shouldn't have to go without necessities because a parent doesn't feel like paying child support.

Most parents don't spend child support frivolously

A lot of questions come up when you are thinking about child support. One question that people paying the support usually ask is where the money is going. Some people falsely think that custodial parents are frivolous with child support money. This is usually very far from the truth.

Understand the child support order in your case

The child support order is something that you might not review very often, but it is very important that you understand what it says. There are many different things that you might find in this order. When most people think about child support, they think only about the monthly payments that one parent makes to the other parent. While this is a primary component, it isn't the only one there.

Thinking about whether child support is going to the child or not

We recently discussed the fact that some parents are concerned about how child support payments are being used. If you recall, these payments can be used for anything that the child needs. This is true even if it is something like paying the mortgage that benefits other people.

Concerns regarding how a parent uses child support payments

A parent who pays child support usually wants to be sure that the money he or she is paying is actually going to the child's needs. This is something that is often difficult because the parent who receives the child support usually isn't required to provide proof that the money is actually going to the child.

Know your options regarding child support orders

There are two options that you have available when it comes to matters related to child support. One is that you can present your case to the court and let the court decide what you are going to pay in child support. The other is that you can work with your ex to come to an agreement. In both cases, you would ultimately end up with a child support order.

Act quickly when there are child support issues to address

If you and your child's other parent aren't in a relationship any longer, you might've been ordered to pay child support. This support is a long-term obligation that you are expected to meet. If you fail to meet the obligations, you can face penalties, as well as the requirement to catch up and pay off those arrears.

Modifications might be possible in child support cases

Child support orders must be taken seriously. As we discussed in our previous blog, you can pay more child support than you owe. However, it is crucial that the court-ordered child support payments are made on time so that you can avoid having to get into legal trouble.

Can you get in trouble for paying excess child support?

You know that you have to pay child support in accordance with the court order that was handed down at the time of your divorce. It's critical to follow this order to the letter, paying the right amount and paying it on time. Failing to do so can lead to a whole host of issues, possibly including jail time and wage garnishment.