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What is the purpose of alimony?

In the previous blog post, we discussed how alimony can affect your taxes. For people who are going through a divorce, alimony is sometimes a consideration but it isn't guaranteed. There are certain points that are considered when the court is determining if alimony is appropriate.

How does alimony affect taxes?

When you are getting a divorce, the question of alimony might come up. If this is the case with your divorce, you should understand some points about alimony and how it affects your taxes. This can be an important consideration during the negotiations if you are going through mediation.

Can you pay alimony with a lump sum?

Typically, alimony in Florida is used when a spouse is dependent on the other spouse financially. At the time of the divorce, that spouse may not have the means to support himself or herself. This is especially true when the person quits a career to get married and raise a family, and he or she hasn't worked in years. It's not always a simple matter to get back into the workforce, and the courts recognize that person expected to be taken care of when the wedding occurred, making life decisions based on that knowledge.

Alimony might help you to get your new life started

When you get a divorce, you will likely go from two incomes to one or from one income to no income. That doesn't mean that your expenses are going to go down at all. Instead, you will have normal expenses plus legal fees and other expenses associated with the divorce to think about. There are some cases in which you might qualify for alimony. Finding out if you qualify for this spousal support is crucial if you think that you will need financial help to get your new life started.

Florida bill could bring changes to alimony

Alimony and spousal support are some of the most adversarial issues you may face during your divorce. While many people understand the need for child support, having to pay your ex-spouse money is not as easy to swallow. While under the current Florida laws, permanent alimony is an option, this could be changing soon.

Understanding alimony and modifications

Whether or not you qualify for alimony or spousal support can be a confusing subject when it comes to divorce. Even once you figure out if alimony is an option, there's still the matter of how much to be decided. It's no surprise that this can be a contentious issue in divorces, but having an experienced family law attorney in your corner as you negotiate and settle alimony payments can help a great deal.

How can I prepare for an alimony hearing?

Alimony is one aspect of divorce that many couples disagree about and end up needing to have the courts step in and decide. While your attorney will handle the filings and court proceedings involved in your case, there are some things you can do to prepare for a hearing or trial as well.

Know your rights regarding Florida spousal support payments

Spousal support payments are sometimes included in a divorce settlement. Last week, we discussed what information you should keep regarding your alimony payments. Making sure that you keep vital information is necessary because of how certain issues, such as tax implications, can affect you.

What should I know about lump sum alimony payments?

We discussed some of the points that are used to determine alimony last week. If alimony is part of your divorce case, there are some points you should consider if there is the option of the alimony being awarded as a monthly payment or a lump sum payment.