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Posts tagged "Child Support"

Bode Miller faces child support issues

Paying child support is something that some people accept they will have to do if they have a child with someone and the relationship doesn't work out. In some cases, the parent who doesn't have custody of the child willingly helps out with the expenses until a child support order is completed. In other cases, covering expenses for the child is only done after a court orders the person to pay child support. Bode Miller's son's mother, who is an ex-Marine, is claiming that the champion skier hasn't helped out at all with the expenses for their 13-month-old son.

Florida man who paid child support arrested for failure to pay

Anyone who has children and has been ordered to pay child support should make sure that they fully understand the child support order to prevent problems from occurring. One man in Florida was recently arrested for failure to pay child support. In this case, however, the support payments come directly out of his paycheck.

How to deal with a non-paying parent

Florida parents may wonder about the best way to handle a situation in which the non-custodial parent is either unwilling or unable to pay child support. While it is true that the non-paying parent in some cases may ultimately go to jail, the custodial parent may not benefit from trying to get support money by obtaining the other parent's prison wages. However, there are some strategies that can help make the situation more bearable.

Grandma seeks child support from alleged killer father

After a man was recently accused of killing his wife with cyanide, the maternal grandmother of his child is seeking child support from him. The grandmother received custody of the child during the first week of August and has filed a petition for child support with the court that gave her custody of her grandchild. Custodial parents in Fort Lauderdale may file similar motions for child support with Florida courts.

Legal system encourages child support abuse

Florida residents may be interested to hear about a dispute involving actor Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller. The couple's twins were being raised by Denise Richards, Sheen's first wife, while Mueller received drug rehabilitation treatment. Now, Mueller seeks to remove the children from Richard's care. Sheen's lawyers believe that Mueller is seeking custody because child support from Sheen is her only source of income. Mueller receives $55,000 per month.

Florida man faces criminal charges for failing to pay child support

A Florida man has been charged with failure to pay court-ordered child support to his former wife. According to authorities, the man was ordered in 2002 to pay her over $2,000 a month in child support and day care costs; she claims that she never received any of these payments. As a result of his failure to comply with his legal responsibilities, the 49-year-old is being charged with nine counts of failure to pay child support. He reportedly owes his ex-wife over $165,000 for the payments not received between 2002 through 2012. If he is found guilty on all nine charges, he could face more than a dozen years in prison.

New York man fled halfway across the world to dodge child support

A man was recently apprehended for failing to pay child support after he fled halfway across the world to dodge payments. The 50 year-old man was taken in by authorities in the Philippines. The man was from Long Island, New York, and ran a car auction business in the city. He had two children by an American woman and another child by a woman who lives in Thailand. The man allegedly lived 10 years underground in order to avoid his child support obligations. He first fled to Florida and then moved to Thailand to avoid child support payments of $375 per week per child. The court order was established after he divorced his first wife. As of now, the man currently owes $1.2 million in back child support.

Dennis Rodman ordered to pay $500K in child support

Dennis Rodman, former basketball star, has been ordered to make back child support payments in the amount of $500,000 to his ex-wife. He was found in contempt of court for failure to comply with a child support order. Rodman was also sentenced to informal probation in lieu of incarceration but could face jail if he does not pay the child support he owes. The $500,000 figure was reached by agreement between Rodman and his ex-wife, who initially claimed he owed her $850,000 in back child support payments.Rodman's attorney claims that the arrearage is the result of a misunderstanding in which Rodman misunderstood the terms of payment of child support, accidentally paying too small an amount. Previous attorneys apparently missed a deadline to have the earlier payment order set aside, resulting in Rodman's contempt charge.

Just because you missed the wedding doesn't mean you're not married

Ex-husbands have tried a lot of angles to get out of paying alimony but this case out of Maryland may have raised the bar for creativity. For 18 years, a man we will call Mr. N was told everyone that he was married to Mrs. L. Mrs. L was the beneficiary on his life insurance policy, he helped her gain permanent resident status by telling Immigration and Customs Enforcement that he was her husband, and in 1994 the couple participated in a "renewal of vows" ceremony in nearby Arlington, Virginia. Then, after 19 years of marriage, Mrs. L decided to call the marriage off. She filed the usual paperwork asking for alimony, division of property and child support. Mr. N's response: "I am unaware" of being married.